Being told that people are suffering from Alzheimer’s is not easy to hear; however, what if the doctor got it wrong? What if someone is exhibiting symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease but in fact do not have Alzheimer’s? Such a situation is not only confusing but also emotional. It is clear that some ailment is plaguing the person; however, medical professionals are unable to distinguish what exactly the person is suffering from.

Misdiagnosis for any disease or ailment could be a serious situation for patients in Montana and elsewhere; however, the fact that a medical professional failed to properly diagnose a person could mean that the person could suffer new or worsened conditions. Each ailment and disease has its own treatment plan, and if a patient is administered the wrong treatment plan, this not only deprives them of the proper treatment plan but could also cause them harm due to receiving the wrong medications and treatments.

Alzheimer’s disease, which is associated with memory problems, is one disease that is frequently misdiagnosed. In fact, one disease that it is often mistaken for is Lyme disease. Medical experts believe that this medical mistake occurs because Lyme disease as well as conditions like severe anemia, thyroid disorders and depression and produce symptoms that look like Alzheimer’s.

The only way for a patient to be properly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is for medical professionals to be more rigorous in their examinations. This means ordering the appropriate tests and looking at the patient’s history. A brain image is also a certain way to indicate whether or not a patient is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Whether a patient is harmed by a misdiagnosis or the failure to treat, these situations deprive the patient from the proper course of medical treatment for the ailment or disease the person is suffering. This could cause the patient to suffer tremendously, even causing medical bills to pile up. If people are a victim of medical malpractice, there are steps they can take to hold a negligent doctor accountable while also recover compensation for their losses and damages.

Source:Alzheimer’s Disease Misdiagnosis More Common Than We Think!