Montana residents may be alarmed to find out that according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the consumer electronics and computer retailer giant Best Buy, has apparently been reselling hundreds of products that have had recalls issued due to their operation constituting a safety hazard to the product user or operator.

A quick perusal of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s report points out that the type and range of recalled products falls into quite a broad spectrum and isn’t confined to a single niche or manufacturer. The list of recalled faulty products includes items ranging from cameras and televisions to dishwashers and humidifiers. They also include electric ranges and gas dryers and even products like self-serve beverage carbonation systems.

What makes this especially alarming is the fact that per federal mandate it is illegal for any person or business entity to resell or attempt to resell any faulty product that has had an official recall issued by its manufacturer. According to CPSC, federal law prohibits the sale of products that have been voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer or have had a mandatory recall order issued by the commission.

According to the CPSC website among the reasons that the items that Best Buy had sold were recalled for included being fire and burn hazards. Other products were recalled because when they malfunctioned, they subjected the user to possible injury from fire, electrical shocks or injury from expelled parts and even skin irritation. All items listed were recalled in 2012 and 2013 and an exhaustive list of all the recalled products that were sold by the retailer can be viewed on the CSPC website. Those harmed by a defective product or a dangerous product can consider taking the facts of their situation to an attorney for guidance.

Source: WQAD, “Customers warned Best Buy sold recalled electronics and appliances,” Shellie Nelson, July 2014