By the end of the day on Fridays most drivers are excited about the work week ending and the weekend beginning. Many may be distracted, thinking about weekend plans. This lack of attention can be especially dangerous at intersections and the safety of other drivers may be at risk.

Unfortunately, during the late afternoon of Friday, June 7, there was an accident. The accident involved a driver of a Chevy truck making a left turn. When the driver was making the left turn a Chevy Cavalier was driving straight. The left turn driver crashed into the side of the Cavalier. There were injuries reported at the scene to both the driver and passenger of the Cavalier. The left turn driver and his passenger fled by foot after the crash. The passenger was later caught and arrested, but the driver was still being sought. The truck accident happened at the intersection of Main Street and Sioux Lane.

When an accident occurs involving a left turn, the driver making the left turn is almost always liable. The driver going straight almost always had the right of way in a left turn crash. There are possible exceptions, such as speeding or reckless driving, or the left turn driver having a green arrow at a traffic light. There is also the possibility of something unexpected happening to delay the left turn. In these situations negligence could be shared or possibly be the fault of the other driver involved. However, usually the left turn driver is responsible for the accident and would be considered negligent in a personal injury claim.

Driving at an intersection can be dangerous. Which driver had the right of way is very important if there is an accident. Anyone involved in an accident should know their rights.

Source: Billings Gazette, “Police arrest Billings man after he flees crash scene,” Eddie Griggs, June 7, 2013