Motorists in Montana share the road with a variety of vehicles, and in most cases, no matter the time of day or night, drivers will encounter a large truck while traveling on interstates and highways throughout the state. While these large vehicles serve an important role in intrastate and interstate commerce, these massive vehicles do pose some dangers on the roadways. The mere fact that most truck drivers travel during the late night hours and work long shifts presents a major risk for a truck crash.

Although federal trucking regulations have been passed and implemented to address concerns surrounding the hours of service and truck driver fatigue, some truck drivers still violate these regulations. Whether they were coerced by their employer or they sought to make a shipment ahead of schedule, when drivers violates these regulations, they increase their risk of being involved in a truck accident.

At Heenan & Cook, PLLC, we know first hand the destruction a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer truck can cause in a collision with a motor vehicle. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping truck accident victims understand the cause of he crash, helping them hold a negligent truck driver accountable for the person’s wrongdoings.

In order to meet the goals of our clients and protect their best interests, our legal team is prepared to fully investigate the incident. We have the skills and resources to recover information and evidence from the accident report, witness accounts, medical records, travel logs and expert witnesses. Our attorneys have helped past clients successfully negotiate with insurance companies or litigate a civil action in court, allowing them to collect compensation for the serious injuries suffer in the accident.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s truck accident website. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians frequently share the road with large commercial trucks, and when a truck driver does not following federal regulations, the person puts many lives at risks. It is important that those harmed by a negligent truck driver understand their rights and take action to protect their rights and interests.