We’ve sadly seen too often where someone is seriously injured and didn’t have a living will in place, leaving a spouse, children, or other loved ones to make their best guess at what their injured loved one would want in terms of medical care and treatment.

The personal injury attorneys at Heenan & Cook know that you have the right to make your own decisions regarding your medical care. If, however, you are in a condition that makes it impossible for you to give instructions, the only way that your wishes may be known is if you have provided an advance directive such as a living will. With the help of a free living will template you can get the forms filled out and begin the process soon.

Billings, Bozeman, Missoula and surrounding area residents can use this guide for a free Montana living will form and resources to provide their families and health care providers with this information. A free living will form a lawyer does not in any way take away your ability to make your own decisions when you are capable of doing so.

A health care power of attorney is a legal form that lets you appoint a health care agent to help you and make health care decisions for you. The Montana Legal Services Association – Power of Attorney Form can be used to help make decisions in the event of an emergency.

By filling out and signing the Montana living will form template you can instruct your physician to withhold or halt life support if:

  • You are terminally ill, with no chance of recovery
  • You have been in a coma, unconscious, or in a persistent vegetative state for a specified length of time (no less than 48 hours)
  • You are unable to make your own health care decisions
  • You are unable to communicate
  • Your free living will from an attorney may also instruct health care personnel to remove a feeding tube or other artificial nourishment if it is the only care being provided. Enough care and nourishment will be provided to prevent you from experiencing pain. Using our template for a free Montana living will form, you can instruct your doctor to remove artificial nourishment immediately, or after a certain period of time set out in your free living will drafted by your attorney, or you can specify that you never want nourishment withheld.