Drivers in Montana frequently share the road with large commercial trucks. While semi-truck and tractor-trailer truck drivers have to follow the same rules of the road other motorists are required to do so, these drivers are also required to go through specific training and follow additional rules. Because a truck accident can have horrendous effects, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has passed rules and regulations to increase truck safety and prevent truck crashes.

Distracted driving is a huge problem across the country; a distracted truck driver in particular could generate many risks and create deadly dangers on the road. Based on research commissioned by the FMCSA, commercial trucks texting-and-driving or using a cell phone well driving are 6 times more likely to be involved in a safety-critical event than those not using a cell phone. Thus, the FMCSA passed specific laws regarding cell phone restrictions for truck drivers.

Therefore, restrictions have been placed on truck drivers in order to reduce these risks. Under the rules, using a cell phone means using at least one hand to hold a cell phone to make a phone call, dialing on a cell phone by pressing more than one button or reaching for a cell phone in such a manner that is requires a maneuver by the driver that results in his or her no longer being seated in a driving position, restrained by a seat belt.

If it is discovered that a truck driver has broken this rule, he or she could face fines and penalties. If a driver facing multiple violations, it is possible to be disqualified as an interstate truck driver. Additionally, failing to comply with these rules and causing an accident could lead to civil liability following a crash.

If negligence is the cause of a truck accident, it is possible for victims to hold the negligent party liable. This means discovering the cause of the crash and what party or parties are accountable for the accident. This could help the injured victim recover compensation for losses and damages suffered.

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