Everyday residents in Montana visit medical professional for various reasons. Whether it is just a checkup, because of an illness or for medical treatment, patients rely on these professionals to properly and adequately diagnose and treat them. However, when medical professionals do not use the tools they have or fail to timely diagnose a patient, this could result in serious and even fatal results.

One tool that could be very resourceful is electronic records. According to recent studies, more and more hospitals and healthcare facilities are using electronic health records. The major benefit of this tool is its ability to provide better treatment by having a complete and accurate medical history of a patient.

By using electronic health records, hospitals and healthcare facilities could reduce and even avoid the risk of misdiagnosis and incorrect medication administration. Another benefit for this tool is the ability to provide the same level of care, treatment and accuracy no matter where a patient goes for medical treatment.

More and more patients are now opting to have their complete medical history stored on the cloud. The issue here is that doctors and physicians can only access this information if patients grant it to them. And while this tool has many benefits, it does not eliminate all errors from patient care. Medical professionals are still required to continually update patient records, carefully read through available records and use the information gained through the medical history and current visit to determine what ailment a patient is suffering from.

If a medical professional fails to properly and timely use the tools they have, this could be a breach of duty. A patient could suffer harms from medical errors, and if a misdiagnosis is made, he or she could endure harm from a delayed diagnosis or the wrong treatment plan. Thus, injured patients should understand the recourses available to them. A medical malpractice suit could help them hold a negligent doctor liable and help them recover compensation for their losses and damages.

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