Medical malpractice and negligence has become more prevalent than ever before. When you suffer from an ailment and visit a health professional you expect to receive quality, competent care that targets the malady that has afflicted you. Oftentimes when a doctor, nurse or health provider makes an error, the consequences can be disastrous for the patient.

What makes medical negligence especially insidious is that it not only negatively affects the patient, but it can also detrimentally affect their family and loved ones. A medical malpractice lawsuit is especially arduous because of the complicated nature of the evidence that needs to be expertly gathered, analyzed and presented and the need for potentially utilizing expert testimony.

Generally, the goal is to present adequate and compelling evidence that the doctor or health practitioner in question performed their job in a substandard manner that is not in keeping with standard procedures for a specific situation. it must also be demonstrated that whatever injury or detrimental consequence the patient experienced was a direct result of the healthcare that the patient received. This means that you need an experienced lawyer that can parse through the evidence and be able to determine whether you have a legitimate medical malpractice claim.

Rest assured that the legal team at Heenan Law Firm has extensive experience in the most intricate malpractice cases. We will work zealous and look in all avenues to obtain the most amount of compensation for you. Whether your case involves a surgical error or being misdiagnosed and prescribed the wrong medication our legal team has what it takes to represent you professionally.

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