Unfortunately, many of the products used on a daily basis can cause harm to consumers. Consumer products ranging from automotive parts to medical devices and products such as pharmaceutical drugs and children’s toys can result in injury and even death. Victims of defective or dangerous products may suffer significant harm, including physical, emotional and financial harm because of a dangerous of defective product.

Consumers have a reasonable expectation of safety when using a consumer product. In general, manufacturers and retailers have a duty to consumers who use their products. When a consumer has been harmed, the manufacturer, wholesaler, party assembling the product and the retailer may all be liable for the damages the victim has suffered. The responsible party or parties may be liable to compensate the victim and the victim’s family for damages they have suffered.

Depending on the circumstances, victims may be able to recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering damages and other related expenses when they have been harmed. Because products liability law seeks to protect consumers, there are a number of different legal options available to victims of a dangerous or defective product. Guidance through the process can help victims seek recovery of damages.

Consumers come into contact with, and use, many products each day and have a reasonable expectation that their families will be kept safe. When that expectation is not met, a number of parties may be to blame and responsible to compensate the victim or victims for the harm suffered. While products liability law may sometimes seem complex, it works hard to protect victims which is why victims should be familiar with products liability rights and protections when they have been harmed.