Summer is the time to experience and enjoy the outdoors. Some people like to hike and walk to experience the outdoors; others may like to hit the road on their motorcycle and enjoy nature. Montana residents are more likely to see motorcyclist riders on the road during summer as well. In fact, according to the Montana Highway Patrol, August is one the busiest months for motorcyclists, and they can be both in and out of state drivers.

As the number of motorcycles increase on the road, the likelihood of car and motorcycle accidents also increases. Though all drivers on the road should be aware, mindful of motorcycles on the road and exercise caution while driving, on occasion collisions between vehicles can happen. Typically, injuries suffered by motorcycle drivers in a collision tend to be severe and can be life changing.

As a personal injury law firm with decades of experience in handling motorcycle accident claims, during legal representation of injured motorcycle accident victims, it is not uncommon for us to hear a car or truck driver allege that the motorcyclist appeared out of nowhere. Thus, we understand that close and detailed examination of all the facts surrounding the accident is important to establish negligence on part of the car driver, and get the motorcycle accident victims just compensation for their injuries.

When accident victims are struggling with injuries sustained in an accident and the accompanying medical expenses, while accident victims recovery, our law firm will work aggressively to hold the negligent party responsible and get just compensation for your injuries. Our law firm is not only skilled in negotiating with insurance companies, but also aggressively pursuing both under and uninsured drivers.

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