Montana drivers are usually careful and prudent, regardless of driving conditions. But truck accidents still happen and serious injuries and even death can occur due to reckless and negligent driving.

A fatal truck crash recently happened outside of Butte on I-90. A pickup truck slammed into the back of a semi-truck that was carrying cattle. The semi-truck driver allegedly turned into a center emergency vehicle lane and then pulled into the westbound lanes. The pickup truck, which was carrying three people, slammed into the semi-truck. All three passengers had to be extricated from the truck and they were taken to a local hospital. One passenger died and the driver and another passenger had serious injuries. The driver of the semi was treated and released from the hospital and is now facing traffic violations. Authorities are continuing their investigation into the accident.

When a loved one is seriously injured or killed in a car accident, there are many unanswered questions. When the accident is caused by a negligent driver, families may find a legal professional skilled in personal injury to be helpful in determining what their options may be. Negligent drivers should be held accountable for their actions and compensation may be available for pain and suffering, medical expenses, funeral expenses and other monetary and non-monetary damages. Driver conduct can be responsible for these collisions and in such cases, the driver should be held responsible.

Injuries suffered or loved ones lost in truck accidents can be life-altering for both injury victims and family members. Holding negligent truck drivers accountable for their actions can help the healing process.

Source: WTVR CBS 6, “Chester woman killed in cattle truck crash in Montana,” Nick Dutton, Nov. 17, 2013