Montana residents may find it interesting to learn that in two separate incidents, both of which occurred on different stretches of the same highway, at least two people lost their lives and one person was seriously injured when cars collided with semi-trucks.

According to a spokesman with the Montana Highway Patrol, the car accident that claimed the lives of a male driver and another woman occurred approximately seven miles west of Norris, MT. In this particular case, authorities believe that a female driver who was travelling west ended up crossing into the oncoming eastbound lane, where she collided head-on with another car. Following the collision, both vehicles came to rest in the middle of road.

Tragically, the male driver of one of the cars’ driver was declared dead at the scene of the accident. The female driver and her passenger were transported via air to a hospital, but one of them passed away during transport.

Only a week prior to this tragic car accident, a female driver sustained serious injuries when the car she was driving slammed head-on into a semi-truck. The women’s car was on fire after impact with the semi-truck, but, thankfully, a passerby was able to pull the injured woman from the car before the fire could consume her. She was later airlifted to a nearby hospital. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured, but, according to police, he also was taken to a hospital via ambulance.

Following both the accidents, the highway was closed for approximately two hours. According to authorities, the section of road at which the accident occurred at is particularly notorious for being dangerous and the site of many accidents. It follows the Madison River and has a lot of curves and bends that make it more difficult to maneuver. Following the two incidents, authorities urged drivers to be vigilant and observe all speed limits, especially when they are travelling through that section of the road.

Vehicular accidents can happen without warning. Serious injuries and even death can result. It is very difficult for anyone to understand the loss of a life under such circumstances. However, where a negligent driver causes an accident, an injured party may be able to hold the driver responsible. A personal injury law firm may be able to guide those who have sustained injuries in an accident involving a car or semi- truck in filing a lawsuit seeking compensation for their losses.

Source: NBC Montana, “Two people killed in Norris Road crash,” May 14, 2014