It is safe to assume that the economy relies on the ability of commercial trucks to deliver goods from one state to another. Due to this reliance on these massive vehicles for intrastate and interstate commerce, motorists in Montana and elsewhere rarely travel on the road without sharing it with a tractor-trailer. While these large vehicles play an important role, they also pose some dangers if driver and trucking companies do not take proper precautions and follow all federal trucking regulations.

One ongoing concern regarding commercial trucks is truck drivers traveling during the late night hours after working long hours. Over the years, safety regulations have been passed to address the concerns arising from irregular schedules and economic pressures; however, drowsy driving remains a concern.

Can truck driver fatigue be reduced? While specific federal trucking regulations have been passed to tackle drowsy driving and truck accidents caused by fatigued truck drivers, this issues still remains a concern. In fact, truck driver fatigue contributes to roughly 10 to 20 percent of the 4,000 deaths caused by truck and bus crashes occurring on U.S. highways each year.

The Department of Transportation issued a report that discovered links among inadequate sleep, diminished driver alertness and an increased crash risk. Additionally, the DOT noted that stress, irregular work schedules and economic pressures faced by truck drivers can also be related to truck driver fatigue and increased crash risks.

Because it is difficult to measure driver fatigue and fully address it through regulations, little progress has been seen over the past several years. Currently, ensuring compliance with current federal trucking regulations and tracking changes in the health of truck drivers is the best method to address the risks associated with truck driver fatigue.

Following a truck crash, it is important to understand the cause and whether a negligent truck driver or trucking company was responsible. Victims are likely to deal with much pain and suffering on top of serious financial losses and other damages. Seeking compensation through a personal injury claim could help address these expenses associated with the resulting serious injuries and damages.

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