Every day, consumers in Montana purchase products ranging from household items to vehicles, tools, food or beauty products. Consumers do not often think about the potential hidden risks that a product might have. Nonetheless, a consumer product could pose risks to a consumer due to design defects, manufacturing errors or the failure to warn the consumer of possible risks. Some products are considered inherently dangerous due to the nature or purpose of the product; these products could unexpectedly injure consumers.

Can consumers file a products liability claim for dangerous products? Some legal items such as hookah pipes, water pipes and guns are also considered dangerous because of the risks associated with these products. Nonetheless, these products are still subject to products liability laws.

Smoking injuries, such as those caused by a hookah pipe or water pipe, could be the subject of a products liability claim if the injured party or a loved one is able to prove entitlement of compensation for the damages caused by these products. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hookah and water pipes pose the same risks as cigarettes and cigars; however, if a consumer can prove that he or she was injured due to another party’s mishandling of the product, manufacture error, lack or proper instructions or failure to warn, the consumer might be able to collect compensation for their damages.

Lastly, even when a gun is legally obtained and used, it is considered a dangerous weapon. And even when it is being used properly and safely, a defective gun could be very dangerous for a consumer. The malfunction of a gun could lead to serious and even fatal injuries, therefore, a products liability claim could be filed if it is found to be defective.

Whether it is a commonly used household item of a product deemed to carry risks or dangers, products liability claims are available to any consumer who believes they suffered injuries due to defects or errors by the designer, manufacturer or retailer.

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