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Sexual assault and sexual abuse crimes can leave a lasting emotional and physical impact on the victims. Sometimes, especially when the victim knows their perpetrator, the victim can feel helpless, like they are completely alone in this. It is important to know you have resources available and to get the help you deserve.

The Butte sexual abuse claim attorneys at Heenan & Cook, PLLC can help victims get the compensation and justice they deserve. Our attorneys will fight for your rights and work with compassion and sensitivity toward your case. We understand that privacy and discretion are important with any sexual abuse claim. If you have suffered sexual abuse, our attorneys are here to help victims recover what was lost for the pain and suffering caused. Contact our firm for a free consultation.

Why Hire Heenan & Cook for Your Sexual Abuse Claim

We understand the devastating impact of sexual abuse on the victim and loved ones of the victim. We want to help in any way that we can to help you get through this distressing experience. Our Butte sexual abuse claim lawyers are equally committed to the law and our clients.

The sexual abuse claim attorneys at Heenan & Cook, PLLC will ensure our clients receive the care and compassion they deserve while properly seeking justice. The Butte sexual abuse claim attorneys have decades of experience handling all personally injury claims, which include sexual abuse claims.

Our main goal is to get you the justice and compensation you deserve, while you focus on recovery.

Why Do You Need a Sexual Abuse Claims Attorney

The court system can be confusing and intimidating. Having an experienced sexual abuse attorney can help make the process easier to handle. An experienced sexual abuse attorney will not only help you file a civil suit, but they can also help you report your abuse to authorities. This will allow criminal charges to be brought against the perpetrator along with the civil allegations.

Sexual abuse claims can be straining and enduring on the victim. Having an experienced sexual abuse claims attorney to handle all aspects and challenges of the case will simplify the situation and alleviate points of stress for the victim.

Butte sex abuse attorney

Sexual Abuse Claims in Montana

A survey from the CDC found that roughly 43 percent of women and 24.8 percent of men have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime. More pointedly, Montana is top 9 for states with the highest level of sexual assault cases, according to world population review statistics. Additionally, Montana has reported 58 rapes per 100,000 people which is roughly 630 per year.

When reporting on sexual abuse crimes, most people think of rape. However, this is not the only form of sexual abuse; cases can include:

  • Child pornography
  • Coerced sexual contact
  • Forcible penetration
  • Forcible sodomy
  • Incest
  • Marital rape
  • Sexual contact with minors
  • Sexual harassment
  • Solicitation through the internet
  • Unwanted sexual touching

If you have any doubts that your experience constitutes sexual abuse, it likely does, and you need to contact an attorney today.

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After experiencing a traumatic event, the aftermath can be confusing and stressful. Going through a court process can seem daunting. Having an experienced Butte sexual abuse claims lawyer can help make the process easier.

Our attorneys at Heenan & Cook, PLLC work with our clients on a personal level to ensure they receive the justice and compensation they deserve. If you or someone you love has experienced sexual abuse, please consider contacting an attorney today.

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