Medical malpractice lawsuits can be onerous to file and follow through but staff and lawyers at Heenan Law Firm have the expertise and wherewithal to help you gain the justice you so rightfully deserve. In medical malpractice cases such as birth injury, you may need an experienced law firm that can cope with dealing with complicated evidence and where needed employ the efficient use of expert testimony.

Our staff will diligently and meticulously go through all of the evidence and with the help of our skillful lawyers and experts help determine whether you have a valid claim for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit with respect to birth injury. Our team will tell you if it is possible to show that the doctor or medical team that were handling your child birth neglected following the normative standard of care for your child birth procedure.

We will go through all the facts and documentation pertinent to your case and provide you with a full and rigorous medical and legal analysis and only then prescribe for you the appropriate course of action that will maximize your chances of gaining the fairest compensation that you can legally get for the pain and turmoil that you have suffered through.

We are experienced in handling any cause of malpractice that you may have been subjected to during childbirth whether they are from specific birth injuries during the actual child birth or any host of other negligent acts such as medication errors or misdiagnosis or perhaps surgical errors. Rest assured that if medical expertise is needed the legal team has the necessary contacts and can provide the necessary medical experts to make one’s case stronger.

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