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At Heenan & Cook, PLLC our Billings train accident attorneys specialize in helping individuals and their families recover compensation for what was lost from a train accident.  If you have been involved in a train accident in Montana, our experienced personal injury attorneys in Billings, MT can help. Our Billings train accident lawyers offer free consultations for individuals that have suffered injuries in accidents. To contact the firm for a free consultation, call (406) 839-9091.

Is There a Time Limit to File an Injury Claim for a Train Accident in Montana?

In many states across the country, there are time limits, legally known as a statute of limitations, for injured victims to file a claim for their physical and emotional injuries. The Statute of Limitations in Montana for an injury or a wrongful death is three years from the date the injury occurred.

For damages that involve personal property, a plaintiff has two years to file a claim to recoup damages caused to the personal property.amtrak train attorney in Billings Montana

How Can a Train Accident Attorney Help My Case in Montana?

Train accidents can be truly catastrophic in nature. The size, force and damages caused by accidents involving locomotives can cause life-altering injuries. In the most extreme circumstances, the injuries suffered can result in the loss of a life for a victim.

At Heenan & Cook, PLLC our personal injury attorneys understand how impactful a train accident is on victims along with their families. While some physical injuries may heal, the emotional damages suffered can stay with a victim far after the physical scars have healed.

Our attorneys understand how impactful physical and emotional damages have on a victim, and our firm acts as an advocate on behalf of our clients. We have decades of experience working to recover the necessary damages for injured victims and their loved ones.

Our law firm offers free consultations to individuals that want to discuss the specifics of their train accident case in Montana. We will file all of the necessary paperwork, conduct pertinent interviews with eyewitnesses and gather necessary information to recover what was lost from the accident.

Should I See a Doctor After a Train Accident?

Yes – after an injury is sustained in a train accident, it is imperative to seek medical treatment. A medical team composed of doctors and nurses will be able to diagnose the injuries suffered and can develop a prognosis for recovery.

Medical professionals help treat the injuries sustained during an accident and will document the injuries that were suffered. In the event that a train accident wishes to file a claim for the injuries suffered, a medical report will be very important.

Without a medical report, a legal defense team may raise the questions regarding the severity of the injuries. Not only can seeing a doctor help with the injuries, the medical report will also be instrumental during any potential case involving damages that were suffered.

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After an accident occurs, injured victims and their families can be burdened with the extreme costs. This includes medical treatment, lost wages, physical and emotional damages that were suffered. Our law firm has decades of experience representing individuals throughout Montana. We are here for you and your family during this stressful time.

In Montana, there are several railroad companies including Amtrak, Montana Rail Link (MRL), Burlington Northern and Union Pacific that operate in the Big Sky State.

If you or a loved one were impacted by a train accident or derailment, our Billings train accident lawyers can help. Contact our firm at (406) 839-9091 or reach us online via our contact form.