Many of us do not consider a baby stroller to be a dangerous product, but Montana residents may find it interesting to learn that Graco Children’s Products has been under scrutiny recently because of a recall that the company issued concerning some of its baby stroller models.

The recall covers eleven stroller models that the company manufactures. The strollers have been recalled by the company after a potential design flaw was found. In 11 cases, the strollers lacerated or severed a baby’s fingertips while they were seated in the strollers. Of the 11 models affected by the recall, nearly 5 million units were sold in the US, another 202,000 were sold in Canada and a further 10,000 units sold in Mexico.

According to the product recall report, the affected strollers have folding hinges on the sides that can snap over a child’s fingers and pinch their fingers, lacerate them or, in the worst case scenario, completely amputate the child’s fingertip. The company acknowledged that it has received six separate reports of a child’s fingertips being completely severed, an additional four reports of partial fingertip amputations and a single report of a baby that had its finger lacerated due to the folding hinge.

The company has indicated that it will send out a free repair kit to owners of any of the affected models who contact the company. Meanwhile, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is strongly advising any users of the affected stroller models to exercise extreme caution when using the product. For anyone wondering if they may have a product liability case, they may want to contact an attorney for more information.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Graco Recalls Almost 5 Million Strollers In The U.S. Due To Fingertip Amputation Hazard,” Caroline Bologna, November 20, 2014