The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way of life for most people in Montana and throughout the United States. While many people thought that the health threat would be over by now, the truth is that the coronavirus is going to affect our daily lives for some time. However, those who want to attend the MontanaFair will still be able to do so. The organizers of this annual event have taken steps to ensure that everybody can remain safe at the fair this year.

Will There Be Fewer Attendees on a Given Day?

Typically, the MontanaFair only runs for nine days in August. However, in order to improve on guest safety, this year’s fair will run 17 days beginning August 7, 2020. Tickets for the fair went on sale on July 6th.

In order to improve safety at the event, there will be a strict capacity limit at the fairgrounds. No more than 3,000 guests will be allowed on the fairgrounds at one time. This change in capacity will allow for minimized line sizes and for effective social distancing protocols.

What About Rides at the Fair?

There will be a full range of rides available at this year’s MontanaFair. As mentioned above, ride tickets have been on sale since July 6th. Fair organizers strongly recommend that people buy their tickets online in order to reduce lines for each ride.

This year, there are new ride plans on the grounds. This plan allows for more space between the rides to allow for more effective social distancing measures.

Beginning on July 24th, visitors will be able to participate in the annual Sneak-A-Peek Weekends. During this time, guests will get an early turn at the rides and other attractions.

Bring Own Hand Sanitizer & Practice Social Distancing Guidelines

Fairgoers are strongly encouraged to take a look at measures the CDC says will limit a person’s exposure to COVID-19. This includes social distancing of at least six feet away from other people who are not part of your household, even in outdoor spaces. While there may be plenty of room on the fairgrounds, you should still stay about two arms’ lengths away from other people. When in doubt err on the side of caution, as the more space between you and others the better.

As most people know, Governor Bullock has issued a directive requiring face coverings in certain indoor spaces and outdoor gatherings. Specifically, this directive requires face coverings at organized outdoor activities with 50 or more people where social distancing is not possible or not observed. Also remember to use caution if taking public transit or a rideshare vehicle. Health experts from around the United States now say that masks are one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of COVID-19, so please bring a mask with you when you come to the MontanaFair.

Lastly, you should bring your own hand sanitizer with you to the fair. If you buy a little bottle to put in everybody’s pocket, and remind members of your family to use the hand sanitizer after they get off of each ride, you will reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Remember to regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds or more using soap and water as often as possible.